Perhaps it’s our wealth of experience and hard-won knowledge that makes us so sceptical about some of the “air bubbles” wafting through today’s event and communication scene. We don’t go for the kind of pseudo-philosophical event vision that tends to disappear overnight in a puff of smoke.

We’re much more solid than that. For us, form and content should be as one. Our job is to stage our clients’ content individually according to what is to be communicated. Market analyses alone are not enough. We also want to feel our way into our client’s message, to emotionalize it.

What we’ve learned is that if you want to set things in motion these days you have to be ready to overstep some bounds. That’s why we see ourselves in our collaboration with our clients as counsellors of change.

At the same time, we make sure that the “brand” involved, no matter how caught up it is between continuity and change, never loses sight of its future. And that it derives strength from facing up to challenges.

Linking the demands of content and communication with practical necessities is how we make our living. We combine imagination with craftsmanship, conceptual thinking with organizational expertise.

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Hans Böckler Stiftung – Europäisches Gespräch

Nobelpreisträger Joseph E. Stiglitz, Berlin 2016

Medienforum NRW

Köln 2013-2016

Berlinale Co-Production Market

Berlin 2004-2016


Berlin 2002-2016

1Live Krone


ver.di Bundeskongress

2007, 2011, 2015

ver.di Bundeskongress

2007, 2011, 2015

20. DGB Bundeskongress

Berlin 2014

20. DGB Bundeskongress

Berlin 2014

Festakt 150 Jahre SPD

Leipzig 2013

Berlinale Talent Campus

Berlin 2003-2012

Red Bull Flying Bach

Bonn 2011

Ausstellung Rheinland-Pfalz

Bundesgartenschau Koblenz 2011

Canto General

Berlin 2009

Das schöne Fest

Bonn 2008-2009

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