It all started with floorshows and cabaret (e.g. Thomas Freitag). Then came the Roncalli circus talent show and more and more artist and tour projects, which we positioned successfully (e.g. Cordula Stratmann, BAP, Katja Ebstein, Renan Demirkan, Meret Becker & Nina Hagen, Madame Pomsky).

In addition to general management functions, it is also our job to support �our� artists in their projects, to position them anew in such a way that their talents are presented in the right setting, to help design their productions or, for example, to organize tours.

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Madame Pomsky

Madame Pomsky Orchester

Cordula Stratmann


BAP album goes gold

Cologne 2006

Renan Demirkan

Tournee 2004-2006

Katja Ebstein

Meine Lieder - Tournee 2006

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